Business Giving vs Individual Giving

There are a lot of new and brilliant creative and philanthropic successes in the world of business giving. Social enterprise is happening all around us doing tremendous good; Cause marketing is making us think differently about the products we purchase and the partnerships we create with businesses. I’ve been excited to see some businesses think creatively about their use of social media in connection with nonprofits. Aflac and Audi just finished Facebook causes campaigns using a matching sponsorship to raise awareness for their business and fundraise for a nonprofit?

With the exception of a few large gifts that typically have a marketing or business plan attached to them, businesses typically do not give as significantly as individuals. From my experience individuals and families are more consistently willing and able to give gifts at that level and higher. Business giving is important and a key component to a successful fundraising plan. Businesses think in terms of customers and marketing they want recognition and community impact more than traditional philanthropy. Family owned businesses can be very different as they often represent the giving of the family that runs the business.


4 Responses to Business Giving vs Individual Giving

  1. Christi says:

    Hi Jason,

    What would your strategy be for collaborating with these businesses that may not have a corpoate philanthropy office? Would you reach out to the marketing team and pitch your idea? Would you openly tell them your idea from the beginning or build a relationship with the company first?

  2. Paul Dunn says:

    Your so right about the as yet untapped power of Business GIving.

    To us at B1G1, Business Giving, (particularly within the SME space), is a major untapped resource for change. SMEs typically don’t have the resources to set up a CSR ‘Department’ – and interestingly enough most CSR Departments in larger companies are tacked onto the business rather than embedded into the corporate DNA.

    But back to the main point about the power of SMEs to alter the face of giving.

    At Buy1GIVE1 (B1G1) we focus on this sector giving them specific tools and resources (plus 600 projects worldwide) to work with.

    Further, we seek not just to get the giving going but to create a world full of giving. That’s crazy isn’t it? Yet we’re emboldened by Steve Jobs’ great quote about being crazy – “…… the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

    So in the Buy1GIVE1 world, it’s about using transaction-based giving and what we call action-based giving to deliver impact. it’s about committing a small part of every transaction to give back in a resonant way – for example, buy a tv, a cataract-blind person gets sight; by a coffee, a child gets access to water; buy a book, a tree gets planted.

    See more at B1G1 – – and let’s keep the dialogue going – it’s a really important one.

  3. Jason Dick says:

    Great question Christi. I would try and network with whoever you have the very best connection. If you do not have a good connection try and connect as high up as you can start with the CEO or President and if that doesn’t work try another executive or middle management. The marketing office can be a great place to go for cause marketing partnerships and sponsorships. Another good entry point can be the HR office see if they would help connect you to do some kind of employee campaign or employee volunteering event.

  4. Dan says:

    I’ve had a few businesses give to our cause. Both of them that have given to the campaign in the past do so because they either know me or have connections to my folks. I still have a lot of work to do in this area, and look forward to completing that work in the future. Thanks for the help in this area as it should help me figure out who to work on the most (speaking purely in non-personal terms).

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