Eating Excellent Fundraising For Breakfast

As I’m sure you have found this blog can be someone autobiographical at times. I hope you are not getting bored with my journey of learning about fundraising and development. I started a post about excellence in fundraising and realized that, for me, it actually comes down to something a lot simpler.

I know you’ve heard it before that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I’ve found that the act of eating breakfast can radically change the course of my day. You start your day fully nourished and often relaxed from taking the time to do something as methodical as eating.

The difference between doing something excellent and doing something pretty good can seem insurmountable, but in reality is not that far apart. Writing a brilliant thank you or direct mail letter that sings takes only one or two more edits or reworks after a letter that is just pretty good. Coming up with a relevant and compelling event program or solicitation can be a matter of a few more statistics or stories. So what stops us from getting there?

We all hit a wall when we are working. How we handle these moments is what can make us great. I know that it may sound incredibly ridiculous, but eating breakfast is one of them. If you’ve eaten breakfast you have more energy to attack your wall. Your mindset totally shifts with just a little bit more energy. If you use that energy to give a little bit more effort on those important assignments you’ll be amazed at what you can produce and accomplish.


2 Responses to Eating Excellent Fundraising For Breakfast

  1. Dan says:

    This is very intriguing! I’ve never even considered this. I have to admit, however, that my writing and research is not up to par on many occasions, so shelving something until after breakfast the next morning or whatever might just help! Thanks!

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