Nonprofit Carnival: Day in the Life

Have you heard of the Nonprofit Blog Carnival? Every month bloggers all across the nonprofit world share their posts. This month I’m hosting the carnival and my theme is: “Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Professional.”

As you may already know, I write about different nonprofit leaders every month with my Featured Fundraiser posts. This month, for the carnival, I wrote about a day in the life for fundraisers at different levels of experience.

Check out Trina’s Nonprofit blog she submitted a great post:

Kristen Cici from Nonprofit SOS often features various fundraisers. Her posts this month focused on:

Erin O’Connor Jones at Jobs for Change wrote a great post. Jobs for Change is a really neat site about opportunities across the US for jobs in the nonprofit world.

If I missed your post, I’m sorry, please leave it as a comment below.


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