August Resource Round-up

Jobs for Change

Obama’s movement of change has started a website to promote socially conscious jobs. This site is about promoting work in nonprofit, government, and social enterprise. If you’re looking for this kind of job, this is a neat project that is starting to get some attention.

12 for 12k

12 for 12k is an online organization using blogging and the internet to raise $12,000 every month for 12 months–each month focusing on a different charity. They have promoted their concept with a number of bloggers who have taken to Twitter, Facebook, and back to their blogs to raise money and make a difference.


This site provides the medium and technology for your nonprofit to host an online silent auction for free. If your nonprofit is looking to try an online event, this could be a great tool with which to run a pilot program. (Please let me know if you use this website. I would be interested to know what your experience is like, and whether I should promote it to other nonprofits.)

FYI- Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants

For those of you that run a blog I am hosting the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants this month. I will be featuring articles under the theme of: Day in the Life of a Fundraiser. If you want to submit a post please send me an email.


One Response to August Resource Round-up

  1. M.A. says:

    32auctions is an excellent resource to leverage if you are trying to raise money for your organization. It’s free and you can reach a much wider audience.

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