First Social Media Club Experience

About a month ago, I went to a Social Media Club event in Seattle, and it was a phenomenal experience. As a fundraiser, I’ve been to a lot of different kinds of networking events, but this was a whole new level. Instead of just trading business cards, everyone had their iphones out and was trading Twitter names.

At the Social Media Club event, I was thrilled to be with a group of people who are innovating with these tools in amazing ways. Typically, when I’ve spoken with nonprofits, I’ve spent most of my time talking about the basics of how to use each different tools. Some were using these tools to conduct user surveys without ever asking a single question. Others were masters of promotion and community development. Some were simply brilliant systems people communicating in a new way internally in their businesses.

If your nonprofit is thinking about new ways to use social media, or for technological board members, find the local Social Media Club in your city and check it out. These people are really excited about online technology and could be great resources for volunteering.


4 Responses to First Social Media Club Experience

  1. Sera Smith says:

    Looks like a social media revolution is going on everywhere.

    Anyway, good to know that you had a nice experience.


  2. Jason, happy to know you had such a great experience at the SMC Seattle event! You should connect with the local team lead, Kevin Urie (@kevinurie) and see about putting a Social Media for NGO panel/session together one month. We have done this in other SMC chapters and it has been a great information resource. We (SMC) just need to do better to make that content available online in an easy to find manner. It is one of my projects this Fall, so stay tuned.

    And please go to another. And another, as SMC chapters thrive when folks from different backgrounds, verticals and skill levels come together to share. I love hearing Marketers + NGOers + Government employees + Educators + Engineers all get together under one roof. Good things happen.

  3. Jason Dick says:

    Kristie, Thanks for your comment. They actually have a Social Media for Good workshop this coming Monday. I am excited about helping however I can.

  4. Here is a couple current video web-a-thon’s running at now to benefit the Humane Society and Toys for Tots.

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