Just Showing Up

Have you ever wondered if you were specially qualified for your work? Or wished you had another great skill and ability to get the job done?

The other day I had a moment where I felt rather amateur and inexperienced. Every so often I have an experience where it feels like all the skill, talent, and experience I have (or think I have) means nothing. And, this can lead me to question whether there is skill or talent there at all. Fundraising can become such a game of egos and such a juggling act of priorities it can be hard to know really what to do next. This economy and regular struggles of the job can sometimes seem unbeatable.

“I looked around the crowded ballroom wondering why all those people were making such a fuss over me. The only thing I could come up with is that I show up a lot.” –Bill Gates Sr.

I had a revelation, I’ve been reading Bill Gates, Sr.’s new book Showing Up for Life and I realized I can be successful in those difficult times just by showing up. Many people do not stay in fundraising very long and just by consistently being present you can make a difference. It is rather easy to become less diligent and slack off a little bit, if you consistently work hard you are showing up for your job.


One Response to Just Showing Up

  1. KatieG says:

    Hoo boy is this true. In fundraising, yes, but I really learned this after a year of being PTO president. It didn’t matter how crazy-skilled someone was if they didn’t show up. I learned to depend solely on people I knew would come and do what they said they would do. It made me look harder at myself, too, to make sure I am that person, too.

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