The Multi-Year Gift

How often do you talk with your donors about what a multi-year gift could mean for their giving? Everyone likes to be a part of a plan and be giving to something specific and personal.

Multi-year giving is a great opportunity to talk with a major donor about what difference they want to make with their donations. Obviously they are giving because it connects to something that it important in them. Ask about what the value is or what it is about the organization they are passionate about or would like to see grow. Next, go talk with a couple of the program staff in your office about what a significant gift related to this donor’s interest could mean for the program. Understand what more money could mean so you can outline a couple of different options for your donor.

Then have a conversation about how a gift of a specific size could impact the program. Talk with them about how a gift give over a few years allow the donor to increase the size of their overall gift and make a big impact in a specific way to a program that interests them.


One Response to The Multi-Year Gift

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