Getting Your Way

Here is a secret I use and I’ve seen others way more intelligent and experienced than I use to get a result they like. All of us have ideas or projects we would like to see happen that seem to get “shut down” immediately or before we can even start to get people excited about them.

Every organization has its “Thought Leaders” or unspoken culture shakers that everyone looks to before making a decision. If you want your idea to succeed, these people need to be on board and excited before you go through the traditional channels. So why not involve them in the “development” and creation of your initial idea and allow them to provide you with feedback about your project so they have a vested interest.

I will often meet with these turning point people individually and present them a skeleton version of my idea. When presenting the idea I’m careful to make sure they understand that it is only an idea not a full fledge project. Often I’ll ask them what their thoughts are regarding areas of the project that would go over well and areas that would not. Appeal to them as an expert letting them flush out some of the areas of the idea.


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