Great Donor Stories

Stories are what keep donors connected to the organization, help them fall in love with our work, and motivate them to volunteer and give. Finding stories has become one of the most satisfying and encouraging things that I have done. Using social media tools like LinkedIn & Facebook, even just Google search, I’ve had lots of success in starting some great conversations with donors, volunteers, and clients.

When you first start at an organization make a purpose to find a couple of people, volunteers or clients (not staff), who can tell you a story about why your organization is great. This gives you examples so when people ask you questions about your organization you have more than just a “textbook answer” but a face and personal experience to draw from.

Whenever you meet a new client, donor, or volunteer ask them what the organization means to them and how they first got connected. You can never have too many stories.


One Response to Great Donor Stories

  1. […] Talk with one of your clients or program staff and get a story about your organization from them. This is a great way to reconnect to the mission (see Great Donor Stories). […]

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