Action Reports

Earlier this week I made a case for us to spend more time talking to our donors instead of talking about our donors. Today, I’m going to talk about a tool I’ve used to talk about my donors improving those conversations and making them more efficient and effective. Since I stressed the opposite of this earlier in the week I wanted to talk about the value and tactic of the other side.

Many nonprofits have created a list of their top 50 supporters or, if they are a larger shop, they may have a team of people that individual connects with your top financial givers. The report people use to have this conversation is often called “Moves Management” or an “Action Report.” Creating an action report can be a good planning tool that integrates well with your donor database. I use Raiser’s Edge but other databases allow for similar integration. I create an “action” for every “move” we do with our key donors. This includes calling them to attend an event, setting up a fact finding meeting regarding their giving, and the time you actually go and solicit them for their gift.

I go through an action report on a regular bases with key staff and volunteers to help create the right strategy. Integrating this report into your donor database helps to keep information in one place and makes it easier for multiple people to track, evaluate, and strategize a donor relationship.


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