Resource Round-up

Over the last couple months, I’ve heard about a number of remarkable and interesting websites, blogs, and aggregates and I wanted to pass them along to you. Let me know if you check any of these out and if they are useful to you.

Nonprofit Marketing Aggregate:

The Nonprofit Marketing Zone is a great place to go if you are looking for a portal to nonprofit marketing information. This site was just launched last month and is highlighting A Small Change- Fundraising Blog as one of their featured blogs.

This is a new website where nonprofits can post sponsorship opportunities and business can find local and national nonprofits to sponsor. If you try this one let me know if you are successful. They already have over 2,000 opportunities in a number of communities all over the US.

Association Jam

Is you’re nonprofit an association management nonprofit? Check out this site as it is an aggregate of relevant information and blog postings highlighting work in association management.


2 Responses to Resource Round-up

  1. Leanne says:

    I love that you do this for all of us, Jason. It’s truly generous of you to share so freely. Thank you!

  2. Autobag says:

    Thanks for sharing these. We’ve just started charity support work supporting the work of Save The Children and in sponsoring the provision of an ambulance vehicle for Mongolia.

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