Let’s Get Real: Why Use Social Media

Social media is so new that people are still trying to figure out what to do with it. Most people I would consider social media experts realize that the technologies and tools are so new and emerging that no one can really be called an “expert.” A consulting firm, Pursant, out of Texas made a great video illustrating this point.

One-on-one style communication. Successful online community is all about honest communication. People that connect via social media want to have real one-on-one conversations regarding relevant and current information. When communicating through social media it is important that you have set aside the time to actually have conversations and respond to people.

Speak with a single voice. If you have one person who is committed to running social media at your organization and you give them time to do their job you will be much more successful.

Talk about real issues. People want honest conversations about real questions. If you are creating content just to create content or solely for self-promotion people will know. Your network and your communities grow because they want to interact with the issues and programs your organization supports.

Greet your community members. Make an attempt to say a quick hello to those that join your networks or thank those that you connect with. Even if it is wishing someone a happy birthday on Facebook it is better than saying nothing at all.


2 Responses to Let’s Get Real: Why Use Social Media

  1. I think social media is a great tool to use for non-profit organizations, especially. I just recently read a post on how more and more non-profit organizations are using social media as a tool. Check it out: http://www.freelancesocialmedia.com/social-networking-online-and-non-profit-organizations/ It’s a real interesting article.

  2. I think as time progresses and social media becomes more and more popular, all facets of business and social media marketing agencies will find ways to use it to their advantage. I think non-profits definitely have an advantage because they are not “selling” anything. Their efforts are for good causes which definitely fit well into the social realm of things.

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