Question: What are some new event & fundraising ideas?

Last month I did a question on “Fundraising Ethics” and I got such great feedback that I thought I’d try it again (This question was submitted by reader Sarah Kaiser).

Question: What are some new event & fundraising ideas you’ve given volunteers or heard volunteers using?

Everyday we hear about another auction, luncheon, or gala dinner. I’ve attended countless golf tournaments and house parties. Those of you that work with schools have probably had more than your fair share of bake sale cookies. How many of you that work with businesses have received proceeds from a jeans day?

I know that sometimes I get tired of how repetitive some of these events can feel and I imagine that our donors occasionally feel the same way. So what can we do? Have you tried any new ideas that went really well? Have you run a creative event that had a number of new people? Tell us about it.


11 Responses to Question: What are some new event & fundraising ideas?

  1. Jack says:

    Hi –

    I suggest to anyone raising funds/or trying to raise funds to visit It is a great site that gives you savings at hundreds of online stores and GIVES MONEY BACK TO YOUR CHARITY EVERYTIME YOU BUY! What? YES, that’s how it works. Check it out. peace

  2. Leanne says:

    Well, I may be a bit biased, but for the cost (FREE!), I’d spend at least 15 min. a day discovering what fundraising professionals world-wide have done and are currently doing by visiting SOFII- The Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration.

  3. Will Hull says: is a great resource for setting up personal fundraising pages. You can inspire your evangelicals to set up an event of their choosing (ie. bike ride, walk, video-game-a-thon etc. and then they have a personal page where friend, family and supporters can either join their event or donate to their cause of choice). This is still a new idea that we are milling around at United Cerebral Palsy, but it may be something that really gives the end user control to creatively raise awareness and funds for your organization.

    They also have webinars quite often as well that discuss different tactics from mobilizing Web 2.0 to your evangelicals to fundraise for your cause.

  4. […] of you regarding these questions. The last couple we have received some really great answers about Creative Events Ideas and Fundraising […]

  5. I was looking on the net to find some new ideas for succesful fundraising? But i see no great ideas? Why? Is everyone scared in the US. In the Netherlands we are open about howe we do it, fact and figgers, response and roi. Look at Sorry it’s in Dutch but you get the felling of the idea

  6. Eco friendly fundraisers are something a little different that seem to work really well. There are quite a few groups doing flower bulb fundraisers and reusable shopping bag fundraisers.

  7. I think the way to start thinking up great ideas is to flip the process: think of something that your target audience is actually interested in and then find a way to raise funds from it. (Hint: the answer to this will never be “more pizza kits”)

    Things I’ve seen: tons of creative sponsored events, “Skills Day”, parties with a twist (like “bring your dog to a black-tie ball”)

    Bottomline, though: it depends on your audience

  8. Bob Gaudreau says:

    With golf tournaments feeling the pinch of the economy in the way of a lack of available sponsorship money….we created a new golf tournament concept that has a blend of social networking, face to face fun …with food, drinks, raffles, auctions, and all the other stuff that make a tournament a great event….but the difference is everyone can play… handicaps… on our Portable Golf Course (Mini Golf to most). We have been so successful with this PUTT-A-THON idea that we are soon launching GivingThroughSports-tm. (New Sport-A-Thons models being launched!)

  9. Nate Drouin says: was launched on March 15th, 2011 and provides anyone with a free, powerful toolset that allows them to fundraise online for any cause.

  10. Michael Jahn says:


    Here is a new fundraiser that is available to all registered charities.

    Each week, money raised by advertising on the site is given to a charity and a person for free!

    Takes about a minute to register and then about ten seconds a week to enter into the draw.

    Check it out. You’ll like what you see.

  11. WealthartoneHyre says:

    Our company helps organizations of all sizes such as the MS Society, Ronald McDonald House, Joyce Meyers Ministries, and as small as the third grade choir. We utilize online technology powered by Yahoo!, Google, and other major companies throughout the world to help organizations connect, communicate, and generate revenue.

    Go here to learn How your organization can tap into this also.

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