Getting the Word Out: Joint Post

This is a joint post on Sandy Rees blog, Get Fully Funded.  She asked me to say a few words about how to get the word out and I thought I’d share it here as well.  I’m always open to joint posting let me know if you’d like me to guest post for you.

Getting the message about your nonprofit out is one of the most important things you can do for your organization.  Here are a few things you can do to enhance what your nonprofit is doing.

Getting Started- Approach a local chamber of commerce and ask if you can present to them about your nonprofit.  Get to know the businesses in your community by co-hosting a networking event with the chamber at your building.  If you are a faith-based organization (or even if you’re not) talk to the pastor at a couple of local churches and ask if you can present to their congregation.

Growing the Relationship- Use the relationships you’ve built and keep track of them.  Ask new donors to come for a tour or a special event you are having.  Your volunteers are one of the best groups to advocate for your mission.  Ask your volunteers & board members to invite their friends to connect to your organization.

The Technological Advantage- There are countless ways to spread the message about your good work using the Internet.  Don’t try and do everything just do one or two things well.  Start a Facebook page or use the Causes application.  Go to and start a fundraising page.  Start a blog, this is a great way to regularly communicate and interact with those that want to remain close to your organization.

There are a lot of great causes.  Don’t be afraid to get creative be a little competitive.


2 Responses to Getting the Word Out: Joint Post

  1. Sandy Rees says:

    Thanks a bunch for the post Jason! Getting the word out about nonprofits is an important job and can set the stage for fundraising and friend raising.

  2. I think this blog is truly great. I work with a charity called Children International. They have a great blog as well. Check it out:

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