Recession? What Recession?

A few weeks ago I was in a meeting of philanthropy professionals from all over Seattle, it was an encouraging coming together of minds. Everyone is trying new and creative ideas to be successful. Many of them talked about how important is it to keep the donor in mind and serve and do what you can to benefit your donor. Now is a great time to build up our cultivation programs and create a deeper connection with our donors.

As we talked about what is successful and what is not one strong theme was that as a nonprofit we should not use the “recession” as a reason to give money. Sure we are in financial hard times but do we need to remind our donors of that? Everyone knows the difficulties that our communities are in financially. Success was found in changing the message to talk about what difference we are making.

As nonprofits we are uniquely positioned to make an impact today. We need to remind our donors that we are still accomplishing our mission and how that mission is benefiting our community right now. Focus on a message of hope and change. This has been significantly more successful than reminding everyone about the gloom and doom of the present.


3 Responses to Recession? What Recession?

  1. Scott Rooks says:

    Thats a very good post. The less we remind people of the hard times the more motivated everyone can stay. I have not been reading or listening to news lately for that very reason. Instead I watch a cooking show or read something motivational. Also I like to think no matter what the conditions we in the nonprofit industry are here to help and fill the service gaps were ever they may be in our communities.

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  3. Steve says:

    Hope and change? I think I’ve heard that before.

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