Some Good Businesses: Solicitation Letters Interview

Geoffrey Peters and Steven Maggio have lent us their expertise all week on writing good solicitation letters and direct mail. If you are looking for a business to help you with a direct mail campaign make sure to visit their websites.

What does your business do to help nonprofits with their mailings?

CDR Fundraising Group:
We manage the entire process and provide strategy, creative, package design and creation, production management, analysis of results. We do not physically print or manufacture mailings, we do not house or update mailing list data, and we do not handle caging or keypunching. In other words we are a full service creative and strategic agency that can manage all of the data, caging, and production vendors (securing 3 bids from each and transparently billing their work with NO markups or commissions).
Geoffrey Peters, President,

DaVinci Direct:
DaVinci Direct is a full-service, integrated media direct response agency. That means we do everything from program planning, strategy, copy, design, printing, mailing and back-end reporting and analysis. We work in direct mail, print advertising, and Web channels and believe in testing as aggressively as each client’s budget will allow.

All of our efforts are data-driven, so that each time we do an appeal, we learn something that we can apply down the road to improve performance.

We recognize that we’re in tough economy right now, but we’re still optimistic about the future. We may see a decline in giving in the first part of 2009, but are telling folks that you cannot stop mailing acquisition or you will suffer the consequences for many years.

Your tried and true core donors, will stay loyal to you if you make your case correctly. They may give smaller amounts or less frequently in the immediate future, but we believe in the generous nature of these donors, and even if they drop out for an appeal or two, they will be back and will remain loyal to your organization if you treat them correctly.
Steven J. Maggio, President,


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