Matching Gifts

As we all know right now is a difficult time for fundraisers. Money is harder to come by and often comes as smaller gifts. I thought I’d say a few words about matching gifts as they are a great way to double your impact without asking more donors.

There are a lot of major companies around where I work that do matching gifts: Microsoft, Boeing, and Medtronic, just to mention a small few. If you do not know a lot about them traditionally larger businesses will match their employee gifts either dollar for dollar or 50 cents on the dollar.

Traditionally the business puts the responsibility on their employees to work out the details of requesting a matching gift. Employees are asked to provide a receipt from the nonprofit that they gave to along with some paperwork about their gift. Then the business cuts a matching check and sends it to the nonprofit.

I’ve worked for organizations that receive well over $100,000 in matching funds alone from Microsoft every year. Traditionally there is a minimum donation amount and a maximum donation amount. Make sure you know the major matching businesses in your area and that you know who your donor’s work for so you can remind them about matching their gifts.

Does your organization use matching? What are the major matching businesses in your area?


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