A Donor’s Heart

I recently read a really great book on how to answer donor’s questions. The book is called, The 11 Questions Every Donor Asks and the Answers All Donors Crave. The book is written by Harvey McKinnon and is a quick and very insightful read. Below I’ve quickly summarized the book with the focus question of each chapter and a brief quote explaining a component of the answer.

Why me? “Remember that me is everyone’s favorite subject.”

Why are you asking me? “If you have genuine passion for the cause, it’ll show through, lending comfort to the donor and credibility to your ask.”

Do I respect you? “When people trust you, they’re open to what you have to say.”

Why your organization? “What makes you unique and different.”

Will my gift make a difference? “How their financial support will change and improve the life of a fellow human being.”

Is there an urgent reason to give? “The faster the gift comes in, the sooner you can aid the people needing help.”

Is it easy to give? “Look for ways to make it easy for donors to give”

How will I be treated? “Show kindness at all giving levels.”

Will I have a say over how you use my gift? “While some donors want control, most will trust your organization to spend their gift wisely”

How will you measure results? “These serve to reassure the donor that she’s made a wise investment in you.”

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2 Responses to A Donor’s Heart

  1. inspiring fundraising

  2. Monty says:

    I have thirty-two years of fundraising experience. This is good advice. The donor always wants accountability for what the organization is doing with their money. Fundraising is a balance of winning over the donor and making the ask.

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