What is A Small Change???

Welcome to my redesign of A Small Change and the launch of the new logo!  Many of you have been my faithful readers for a long-time and I thank you for that, I could not do it without you.  This is a post to explain to anyone who is new what A Small Change is all about.

I started this blog as a way to provide advice and ideas to nonprofits to help them in their fund development.  This blog is a place for nonprofit professionals to come together and hear new ideas and discuss others thoughts.

There are a few different reoccurring posts that you will see.

  • Fundraiser of the Month: This is a new column where I am highlighting a fundraiser and what they do and tips they have.  Feel free to submit your friends.
  • Online Interviews: About every quarter I will take a new topic and have industry experts answer a few questions.  You can see interviews on Online Fundraising and Capital Campaigns.  The next one is on Solicitations Letters and Direct Mail.
  • Grants: This area talks about awards and grants that I have heard about or see on the internet.  Feel free to submit new awards as you hear about them.
  • Resources: I am always reading or finding new things online.  This is a place where you can find books as well as sample reports and in the future sample solicitation letters.

This site is all about it’s readers.  If you want to see something then let me know about it.  If you disagree with anything I say add a comment to the post I encourage discussion.  And to those of you who have been with me from the beginning and those of you that are reading today, THANK YOU!

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8 Responses to What is A Small Change???

  1. Cool redesign.
    Good luck!

  2. Nice redesign, Jason. Keep up the good fight.

  3. […] 1, 2008 Fundraising blogger Jason Dick has just updated his blog.  Jason is well-worth subscribing to if you want ongoing thoughtful […]

  4. Mark Petersen says:

    Jason … I like what you have done in this redesign. So much easier to navigate and process info. I’ve posted on your new look at http://markpetersen.wordpress.com/2008/10/01/small-change-big-change/

  5. Sandra Sims says:

    HI Jason, Congrats on the new design. I like your new logo!

  6. I am also interested in finding ways to help the nonprofits. I will share this information often

  7. Julie says:

    Excellent blog that I will gladly promote on my blog. This blog offers many important ideas and I look forward to subscribing and reading more of this as they come in. I love doing fund raising for non-profit organizations. Good job~!

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