A Few Highlights

Under Construction: Just a few more days and you will see some changes on the A Small Change site, please be patient. Feel free to check back and see each new development.  And make sure to stop by on October 1 when the new logo will be released!

There are a lot of exciting things happening with A Small Change.  There has also been some recent community attention around some of the topics that we have discussed here and I thought it might be worth highlighting.

Early this month a blog by the name of Corporate Dollar that John Haydon interviewed me on the topic of Business Giving.  Here is an excerpt from that post:

Make sure that your non-profit is ready to handle corporate donors. You are going to need to have employee volunteer opportunities, events to sponsor, a donor recognition plan that recognizes and engages businesses. Then, you will learn more and more about a potential sponsor’s interests as they get to know your organization. At some point during the cultivation process the donor will usually start to ask: “What can I do for this organization?” (To read more)

I wrote for a new blog that is connected to a great prospecting service called Noza.  The post I wrote for them is called, The Fifiteen Minute Prospect Report.  If you’ve been reading for a while you’ll see a lot of similar themes and ideas from other posts I’ve written.  Visit their blog in the coming weeks to see that post.

Happy Donors
I wanted to share a few words about an interesting blog called Happy Donors.  The blog exists, “to promote counsel, commentary, and links that will help nonprofit organizations.”  They are focused on the donor and on providing lifetime value.  Make sure to check out their site and see what they are doing. This post is part of a partnership program with the Nonprofit Blog Exchange.


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