Am I Talking About What You Want to Read?

I usually write about new ideas or lessons I’ve learned and I do not write a lot about my opinions, upcoming trends, or encourage you to check out other fundraising and nonprofit things on the internet.  I also do not write very much about new resources such as conferences or emerging fundraising consultants.  Is this something you’d like me to change?

I definitely have had a great opportunity to engage with some amazing people, business, and nonprofits and I’m happy to share some things that may be of interest.  I have done this a little bit with the Resources area and Grants Updates but I’m curious if you’d like me to do this more.  Another area of interest I could talk about is software or tools that may not be popular or widely used for a number of years to come but I find it interesting because I’m reading and thinking about it.

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment or filling out the poll.

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One Response to Am I Talking About What You Want to Read?

  1. John Haydon says:


    What ever you decide to write about, make sure it’s something that your very very passionate about. Personally, I’ve gotten a lot from your insights regarding fundraising and enhancing relationships with corporate sponsors. It’s clear that you’ve got a lot of experience in that area and can offer your readers useful and substantive info.

    My two cents – on sales, half off.


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