Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants

This week I am hosting the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants. Here are some posts from around the philanthro-blogosphere.

Lacey Kruger at Connection Cafe submitted a post about, Engaging volunteers on your site, talking about how to post and advertise volunteer positions for your nonprofit.

Susan Hyatt at The Business Philanthropy Coach Blog is moving to and recently posted an interesting article, Skydive for Charity?? G.A.P. Adventures Does! This post talks about a new fundraising partnership that G.A.P. is doing.

Lucy Bernholz at Philanthropy 2173 talks about what we miss out on in the nonprofit world by not evaluating how we are serving our “customers” in, The customer is always right.

A few other brilliant posts to check out:

Here are a few recent posts I gathered from the nonprofit community. I encourage you to check out these non-profits and if they interest you to connect with them.

Stacy Monk from Epic Change recently posted a creative thank you to donors that gave to a project in Tanzania. Check out her post, Gratitude: There’s a note for that! or read more about what they do from an old Org of the Month post.

A non-profit that I am really fond off, The Wellspring Foundation, recently broke ground on a new building. Feel free to check out their post, Foundation being laid for the 2nd Secondary School Building, or read more about what they do from an old Org of the Month post.


2 Responses to Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants

  1. […] Dick at A Small Change Fundraising Blog has posted the latest edition of the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants, our twice monthly roundup […]

  2. Stacey Monk says:


    Thanks for all the great links & for sharing our video! I’ll let you know when they announce the top 10 & I hope you’ll help spread the word ;)

    Thanks so much!

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