Eat Well – Give Well

Earlier this week in my post, Tuna or Caviar, I talked about serving good food to your donors. Today I’m going to talk about how much and how almost any nonprofit can do this. Eating well does not mean eating a lot. Appetizers are a great way to serve high quality food at a lower cost than a full meal. If you have tasty food and enough quantity to give everyone a sampling there is no need to gorge everyone on appetizers. Donors want to be “wined and dined” but they do not need to think that you have an endless food budget.

It’s all about being strategic with the money and guests that you have. It does not take a lot of food or large portions to accomplish your goal. Food is not present so that your donors have the chance to chow down. In fact if they come for the “free food” then they probably are not coming for the right reasons and are not going to be a significant donor.

Unless your charity involves cooking or preparing food or you have a celebrity chef you do not want food to be at the center ring at your event. When people leave they should be talking about your organization and what they learned about you.


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