Keeping Info in Your Donor Database

Donor database systems are often only as good as the information we put into them (check out this post on choosing a donor database). Over the last couple weeks I’ve been working with a new donor database, building some crystal reports, and setting up a tracking system. Here are a few reasons that came to my mind why keeping information in your donor database is important.

  • Donor information is easy to forget, we can’t keep everything in our heads.
  • Information is available after you leave the organization. How will the organization continue where you left of it they don’t know where that is.
  • It’s searchable so you can find a donor based on little things about them. Find all the donors that live in a neighborhood where you’re starting a new project.
  • Helps in setting up an annual plan and in organizing the development process or moves management with hundreds (or more) donors.
  • It allows us to segment our donors so we can send an appeal based on location , program interest, or giving history.
  • Databases allow information to be shared throughout the entire development department instead of just one person. This allows donor development to be a team effort.

Feel free to fill out the poll below or add your own thoughts and reasons for using a donor database below.
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One Response to Keeping Info in Your Donor Database

  1. moshe says:

    We are currently using the Banner database but are looking into additional modules to expand the functionality

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