How to Find Things

I hope you enjoyed the information on people searching from the previous post. I want to stress again the importance of respecting people’s information. Today, I’m going to give you a few search techniques that I learned from, Web Search Garage. This will be my last post on using search engines I hope that it was helpful and I’d love any feedback you have.

Principle of Unique Language: We all used different vernacular when we search. Doctors have acronyms and phrases, fundraisers say things like “solicitation,” “cultivation,” and “planned giving.” When you are searching you will find more success if you can start to understand the right language to ask the question.

Principle of Reinvented Wheel: On a new subject try and find specialty sites written by experts on your topic. You can do this by searching for the topic in yahoo or google groups. Try and find blogs that talk about the issue and see what website they point you too.

Principle of Onions: Sometimes good searching takes multiple attempts to find the right information. Start your search as specific as you can then generalize more and more if you are struggling to find good queries.

Principle of Mass Similar: If you are having trouble finding information on your topic try searching using words/phrases that are similar. If you are trying to learn about candy bars search: Mars Snickers M&M’s or try: caramel, peanuts, chocolate.

All the information for this post on how to search come from the book, Web Search Garage, by Tara Calishain. If you want more details where to find this book or other resources that I am reading visit the Resources page.


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