The Power of Searching

My theme this week for is not traditional thoughts regarding fundraising. A couple weeks ago I finished a book that has changed the way that I do online research. I thought I would pick up a couple tips on how to use Google and improve my prospect research but it accomplished so much more that I wanted to share it with you.

I will not usually review a book in such completeness but I found that I learned so many every day tools that I am now currently using I wanted to share them. Over this next week you will see posts on general searching and searching for people.

If you are looking for specific information on a website you can search only that website in Google. For example if you are searching my site for information on blogging:

You can use * to replace a word or phrase:
“there are * types of trees”
“John * Smith”

Google also has special search engines set up for.
US Government sites:
The Google Directory is different that the general Google site. The main difference between Google & Yahoo is that Google searches the entire website while Yahoo searches the domain name, title, and a brief description. This is called a searchable subject index (as opposed to a full text index). Google Directory is a searchable subject index just like Yahoo (

All the information for this post on how to search come from the book, Web Search Garage, by Tara Calishain. If you want more details where to find this book or other resources that I am reading visit the Resources page.


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