Reward for Collaboration

There are so many new opportunities with unique ways to find funding online that have never been there before. I’ve decided to promote some of those larger and more creative awards on my site. So if your organization is looking for a grant of some kind I will have a place you can go to find some of the more creative and online specific ones. You can find more information about grants & competitions by visiting the Grants page.

You may remember a recent article I published called, Competition or Collaboration. I recently heard about an award that rewards organizations that are working in collaborative. What a great idea! Here are some details:

The Lodestar Foundation is funding a competition called The Collaboration Challenge.

[They are] awarding $250,000 to the collaboration (two or more nonprofits) that present the most compelling evidence as to how business was streamlined, a cause advanced or a group’s quality of life was improved by virtue of the collaboration.

The money will be split between the organizations involved in the collaboration. You can nominate any nonprofit (including your own) but the collaboration must have been going for 18 months before the nomination. Nominations will be accepted June 1 to July 21 for a full list of requirements and suggest a nominee visit The Collaboration Challenge website.


2 Responses to Reward for Collaboration

  1. Conor Byrne says:

    That is great. I am a big fan of this. I recently posted about the concept of charities merging, ok this is a step beyond what you are talking about here, but I suggested charities should test the idea first by forming an alliance. In the UK Help the Aged and Age Concern are starting an extensive consultation process to look at a merger. Its great to see charities being rewarded for working together.

    It makes sense

  2. […] is a great initiative that I saw on Jason Dicks blog a while back and recently an article on AFP reminded me to post about […]

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