Mailing Campaigns On or Offline

I have posted many times about online fundraising and I think I’ve explained some of reasons why. With online fundraising the stakes are the same for a large multi-million dollar organization as they are for a small $100,000 charity. Here are a few thoughts and tips about merging together online and offline funding campaigns.

Why? At this point online fundraising is growing but for most organization is only represents a small (but growing) portion of the organizations giving. But many people want to have the online option available to them but will use a paper mail product to initiate their gift. Richard McPherson in his book, Digital Giving, says “direct mail is a calm port in a storm of electronic demands. And it’s often easier than giving online.” You will find me quoting his book a number of times in the coming weeks he has a lot of incredible tangible tips on how to fundraise online.

With online giving growing and how easy it is for a donor to use it is something that your organization should start to think about. I would like to advocate for an integrated model of online & offline fundraising. In any of your paper direct mail appeals make sure that your website is on them & that there is a one click link to your donation page. Put a link to donate or visit your website at the bottom of your email signature.

What ideas do you have to integrate your current mailings & emailings?


One Response to Mailing Campaigns On or Offline

  1. Conor says:

    I have to admit that I am often shocked when I see pieces of DM that dont allow me to make my donation on line, is this because we are too focussed on measuring the effectiveness of our DM campaign? Talking about shocking (and linked to but slightly off your point)…when you go onto a website for a charity and the Donate Button is hard to find, that is just silly. That’s like an online store making it hard for you to buy something. Do we as fundraisers still not want to offend our supporters by having that donate button prominent enough?

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