I Want to Ask for Money

You had some really great responses to my recent article I Don’t Want to Ask for Money. I think that there are many of us in a similar place. I was really encouraged by your wisdom and responses. Linda from Portland Women’s Crisis Line had a really encouraging comment:

I want my donors to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. That their check, along with each check we receive, is an indication of their commitment to the values the organization holds true.

In many ways that is exactly what I want fundraising to be about. We have an opportunity to advocate for an idea, or belief, or person, together in a way that is bigger than ourselves. When we “fundraise” we are not just trying to get people to give money we want to see an entire shift in thinking. Linda went onto say, “I have seen this idea bring spark to the eyes of the most reluctant board member who has to ask for money. It’s a shifting of paradigm.” That is so encouraging I love it when donors see that they are making a difference and get excited about it.

With development professionals like you I’m really excited about the future of fundraising. I keep hearing time and time again that fund development is changing into something more personal and more intentional. Stephanie from Community Service for the Blind and Partially Sighted had a great comment too:

Development is about relationship building, not only cultivating the initial relationship, but deepening it. I used to think it was “asking for money” that was the issue. I’ve since revised that thinking somewhat when I realized there are many, many people who fear deepening a relationship.

Do you have anything to add to the conversation? Any stories or examples that keep you going when you are raising money?


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