A New Kind of Philanthropy

Sometimes I am frustrated by the idea of what is known today as “Philanthropy” or “Fundraising.” The unspoken definition of these words is “asking for money from wealthy people.” I think that is misleading and misinterpreted. In some ways the modern day idea of philanthropy exists because of the gap of wealth between the top 1% and the rest of the world.

But I would like to suggest that philanthropy and fundraising are for people of all ages and wealth demographics. It is all about relationships with people and wanting to make a difference. I have been amazed by how much change one person can make if they concentrate on their community of friends and a compelling idea.

I think that people today want to tell there friends about the needs in the world and want to give of their money but they feel like their circle of friends and their “small” donations can’t really make a difference. I want to suggest that with many organizations (like the ones you’ve seen on my Org of the Month) you can make a huge difference as an every day person. A ten dollar donation goes a long way with an organization like SEDA, Epic Change, or Wellspring.

In todays technology world sometime just telling the story or voting for an organization can provide significant gifts. Think about the recent competition on Ideablob or the 2007 America’s Giving Challenge. Those ideas are supported by the every day person that take a few seconds to vote or give a few dollars.

What can we do?
• Leave a comment below with your idea
• Join the conversation on the A Small Change Facebook Group
• Check out one of the Orgs of the Month and offer to help out


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