Fund Drives with Businesses

Earlier this week I talked about Starting a Food or Fund Drive. Now I want to provide you with some specific ideas in talking with and approaching businesses. Businesses want to make a difference and are a great environment to raise grassroots support.

Some great ways to get the word out with local businesses are to approach local Chambers of Commerce, Kiwanis, or Rotaries. Ask them to put something in their weekly or monthly newsletters about your upcoming fund drive. Ask these groups if you can come to a meeting and talk about your organization. There are also a lot of online communities specific to local industries or locations and they can be a great place to get the word out there. Approach the community managers or local bloggers and ask them to talk about your fund drive program.

When sending out to direct mail lists or email lists make sure that you are following up by phone. Businesses are busy places so you might have to call a few times and leave a few messages. Target team leaders and human resource professionals when trying to run employee drives. They can be great people to connect with to set-up a drive in their business.

When working with businesses for a special fund drive campaign it can be a great idea to talk with members of the executive team. Talk with them about matching their employee’s gifts or sponsoring the program for logo or other kinds of corporate recognition.


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