Peer-to-Peer Friendraising

Monday, I wrote about many new models of giving. One of those is called Friendraising and I wanted to go in a bit more depth on some ideas that they have. Cultivating donors online can be tricky business for many non-profits and can never be reviewed as the replacement to personal interaction. Technology provides us with many opportunities but it is not the answer.

“One lesson from the technology revolution is already clear-a bold vision and good management will always have more impact that technology. So will poor focus and bad management.”- Richard McPherson, Digital Giving

Here are a few tips from Advanced Solutions International (ASI). I encourage you to visit the original website and read in more detail about each of these points and ideas. They have gone into more depth on each item than I have here.

  • Integrate peer-to-peer fundraising into your current fundraising strategies.
  • Introduce online events to the list of ways a donor can help.
  • Identify campaign ‘champions’ and give them the tools to rapidly expand the donor network.
  • Understand, motivate and thank your donors.
  • Create friendly competition and build individual and team incentives into your campaigns.
  • Reduce unnecessary administrative efforts from each campaign.
  • Automate your donor acquisition strategy.

If you want to follow along with what ASI is doing you can check out their online interactive community. They also have regular webcasts that are of no charge to the listener on various topics and ideas. The next webcast on Freindraising is March 19 this would be a great way to hear these ideas directly from them for no charge.


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