Multiple Funding Philosophies

As I’ve started to ask how can we fundraise differently I’ve found many different ideas and strategies that organizations are using. As we think about how to do what we do better I thought it might help for you to hear a few ideas.

Person-to-Person Fundraising: Peter Diaz runs a website called Social Actions that exists to help individuals and organizations with peer-to-peer fundraising. I watched a video by him when I first started blogging that I wanted to share. In many ways the internet has made the world a smaller place. His idea is for individuals to create, “blogs and essentially establish themselves as the guide to a specific issue.” This is an interesting idea because it in some ways could replace the community foundation. Donors could essentially be sponsoring an individual to give the money you give them away toward a specific cause or issue.

Friendraising: Advanced Solutions International is taking peer-to-peer fundraising to new levels. They are doing a lot of thinking about how to cultivate and grow a connection to online donors.

Transformational Giving: The Mission Increase Foundation is pioneering this idea. Eric Foley describes transformational giving as, “giving that arises from a transfer of ownership from ministry [or non-profit] to donor—a transfer of vision, responsibility, and equipping.” This is a whole new way of looking at the donor as a partner instead of simply as a donor. Using this model a non-profit can distribute their message out a lot faster and with more ownership.

Many of the above ideas involve person-to-person fundraising or using social networking to connect directly with new donors. Have you have heard of any ideas or had an experience working with any of them? Do you have any new theories or ideas of your own? If you ever have a topic or a question that you want to read about or me to look into please let me know.


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