Starting a Cause Marketing Program

Cause marketing is all the rage now days. I have heard many organizations talk about how they are doing or want to do cause marketing. But what is it and how can you do it at your non-profit? Fortunately for us in the non-profit world we have Joe at Selfish Giving. He is an expert in cause marketing and he as offered to help us out and get us started.

What is cause marketing?

Cause marketing is a partnership between a for-profit and a non-profit for mutual profit. When I say “mutual profit” I mean two things: visibility and money. Both parties are trying to enhance their brands and generate revenue from the relationship. –Selfish Giving

How does it work? At the organization I’m a part of we have been doing cause marketing & marketing partnerships formally for about a year. We have had some little success and some medium size ones. I wrote Joe and he provided me with some great ideas I wanted to share with you as to how you can grow or build your existing program.

  1. Create partnerships with businesses that directly benefit from the work your organization does.
  2. Use your existing partnerships to create new marketing relationships and to branch off to working with other businesses in the same industry.
  3. Approach some local organizations and pitch an idea to their senior management.

Joe has created some great cause marketing tips to get you started check out his blog:

Have a few more questions? Feel free to ask Joe a question, visit Selfish Giving and post a comment. Go ahead and talk with some local businesses and get a program started. Let me know how it is going or post a comment about a marketing partnership you have at your organization right now. Some places to start could be your local grocery store, bank, or bookstores. Many of those organizations have existing programs to help out their local community.


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