FYI- Busy Exciting Week

Faithful readers and subscribers I wanted to give you a bit of a note of explanation about this week. I have been working for the last few of weeks with a number of online fundraising experts to create a post that talks about what is happening in the online fundraising industry. I was overwhelmed with the response I received. I thought I might have one or two people write in and I had eight.

SO… this week is going to look different than most other weeks. Starting tomorrow, Monday, January 21, each post will be significantly longer than the usual post size and I will post once a day. There is a lot of really good content and instead of trying to paraphrase it I thought I’d let you decide what you want to read. After this week I will return to posting two or three times a week with a half page of written content.

I really want this week to be a neat experience and a strong dialog. If you have never posted a comment before or you post comments regularly please participate in this coming week’s discussion. Please tell your co-workers and others you know about this special online fundraising interview. Each contributor worked really hard answering the questions I asked them and I want as many non-profits & fund development professionals to benefit as possible. So please spread the news (send a link to a couple friends who you think be interested, post a link to each article on Facebook, or click on the “Digg” button at the bottom of each post). We will have a number of experts reading each post; this is a unique opportunity to have an incredible dialog about online fundraising.


2 Responses to FYI- Busy Exciting Week

  1. Dad says:

    Son ……

    Please know how extremely proud of you that I am. Most of the information on your blog has no relevance to me …… with one major exception. It is important stuff to one of the handful of people that are the most important to my entire life !!!! That would be you.

    I really am proud of you and I sure hope that you know how much you are loved by me.


  2. Beth Kanter says:

    That’s so cool your dad reads your blog!

    I’m in the middle of an online fundraising campaign using social media — for the America’s Giving Challenge. I’ll be interested to see how the conversation evolves here.

    My most recent post

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